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Hello! I’m Fiona. 

I sell rope and cord that is sourced from an ethical European manufacturer of natural, organic and sustainable 100% cotton and linen yarns.

If you have any queries at all about rope types, wholesale orders or any general queries, please email me. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you find something you love. You can visit me on Instagram and Facebook too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not all sellers give you the length of the spool, which is really important when you want to calculate how much you need for each piece. We sell all rope calculated at 10 cent per metre, and we aways mark really clearly how many metres are on each spool.

If you have queries on a project, get in touch – we are MAKERS as well as ROPE SELLERS.

The type of yarn you buy depends on the project you are making.  If you are making feathers or really fringed projects, I recommences buy untwisted 1-ply rope, as it is easier to brush out and fringe to a ‘boho’ look.

A lot of plant hangers and wallhangings are 3-ply.  This gives you the option to leave the hanging strings looking like rope, or brushing out to a fluffier effect

This will depend of course, but if you need any help with guessing rope needed, get in touch with us by emailcareCHARACTER A 260 metre spool should make one medium-large wallhanging.  You will get about 8-10 plant hangers from this size spool.

Again, this is just preference.  Some people prefer to work with 3mm or 4mm ropes.  If you are starting off, it is nice to work in these sizes to get used to the feel of the rope and patterns.  3mm can give a really neat finish. 

Small and detailed projects might need 2mm ropes.  If you are making rainbows, opt for 5.5mm to 6.5mm for the interior.

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Shipping in UK & Ireland is FREE over €30 We ship worldwide at competitive prices.

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All yarns are 100% natural sustainable cotton and sourced in Europe.

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All our macrame ropes are priced 'cent per metre' to ensure you get the best possible price.

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