How do I make a Wrap Knot?

The Wrap, or Gathering, Knot is guilty of being the easiest to show and explain, but the fiddliest to get the hang of. It takes a few goes to become proficient.


The Wrap Knot is used to pull strands of cord neatly together.


A lot of people use these to finish off their plant hangers. I’m going to say something controversial here that I say at every workshop – please don’t use this knot alone to secure a plant hanger. This knot may not have the capacity or capability to hold up a heavy pot. If it comes undone, your plant will crash. And die. (It may not die, but it won’t be a pretty outcome).

I finish plant hangers with a double line of alternating square knots. I use this knot as decoration only.


On a Plant Hanger I might start with 80 – 90cms of rope.

Leave a ‘tail’ of rope sticking up, then create a loop beneath it.  I use my thumb to hold this looped rope (and the rest of the rope being gathered) all together as I begin.

Begin to wrap the rope around this loop as per the second image. You can wrap in either direction – whatever feels most comfortable.

When you begin to run out of rope, or have reached the end at the loop, simply insert the last piece of rope through the loop. Use your free hand to hold onto this string. Use your other hand that has been doing the wrapping to pull the ‘tail’ at the top.  You will feel movement, until the rope can’t move any further as it is constricted inside the wrap.

Use your scissors to carefully cut off the excess, then poke the straggle ends into the wrap.




Practice makes progress x



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