What do I need to start making Macrame?

What tools do I need to make macrame

Macrame is a crafting technique using your hands to tie knots in rope, creating various textiles and accessories. So, your hands and some kind of string or rope are all you need to get started. It can be easier than knitting, and the results are really fast.

What else will I need?

A Deathly Sharp pair of scissors.  My sister is an upholsterer and gave me a super-sharp pair, and I love them so much.  Nothing better than a perfect sharp cut finish to your project!

Brush – a lot of people will tell you that you need professional macramé brushes, or even a cat brush, but honestly during Covid I couldn’t get my hands on these, so decided to try a clean new Tangle Teezer and found that it is brilliant for the job of brushing out fringing or making feathers.

measuring tape.  I tend to use my arms and my eyes to guess the length of rope I’ll need. This is fine if you are making one-offs.  If you are wise, you will measure everything AND write down the measurements in a notebook.

On every piece I make I (now) keep a notebook to note the number of larks heads, number of rows, type of knot used, length of cord used etc.

metal clothes rack or similar.  You can start with a pole and the back of a chair. Your ingenuity will find things you can use.  But a metal clothes rack or portable photography studio rack work wonders.

S-Hooks.  My boyfriend twisted some old wire coat hangers and made my s-hooks for me.  You WILL need S-Hooks.  You will be lost without them. Trust me.

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